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Partner with us for your next event.

Our most recent event that we worked with was Donut Fest Australia in Melbourne. We were lucky enough to be one of the major sponsors of the event, Australia’s first Donut & Beer festival.

Event Marketing

Our team has extensive experience in organising events, event planning, event coordinating and event marketing. We organise, participate in and attend approximately 100 events per year so we’ve learnt a thing or two!

We are more than happy to share our event experience with you, our aim is to help businesses ensure they cover all aspects of oraganising and running of an event from end to end.

We specialise in business events, co-orporate events, networking events, food festivals and social events.

Marketing Process

We usually handle the marketing side of events, while the business does the organising and planning. But if you require assistance in the planning or organising process we can do this too!

Our team will help you create a brand around the event, create all the necessary marketing materials for the event including outdoor banners, flyers, posters, merchandise and event registration.

Next step is to run various marketing campaigns to build awareness around the event, we do this by running Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Instagram ads and Google Ads. We work closely with pr companies to further build awareness for your event.

Need to build awareness around your event? Talk to us.

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